Membership in the ADR Institute of Manitoba Inc. lends credibility to your ADR endeavours and  provides  opportunities for  professional contacts and career growth.

Members of ADRIM come from a wide variety of business and community backgrounds and have a diversity of experiences. They share a common interest in developing and providing improved methods of resolving conflicts and disputes in Manitoba and around the world.

While many have, or are taking, formal training in negotiation, mediation, and  arbitration, other members do not actively practice dispute resolution. They join ADRIM due to interest or a desire to learn more about dispute resolution processes for personal or business  reasons.

Members receive:

  • Personal Member Portal for "ADR Connect", Canada‚Äôs largest ADR professional database 
  • Newsletters
  • Information on Arbitration and Mediation
  • Invitations to participate in Institute activities
  • Reduced fees for seminars and workshops
  • Referral Services (for those who have completed sufficient relevant training)
  • Voting Privileges
  • Office Holding  Privileges

ADRIM offers:

  • a broad range of tools and services for ADR practitioners
  • ADR Connect, a national database that allows those in need of ADR  services  to easily find our Mediators and Arbitrators
  • national accreditation for mediators and arbitrators
  • unified standards of practice including a Code of Ethics and a Code of Conduct for Mediators
  • learning and networking opportunities
  • Canada-wide exchange of knowledge and experience
  • a national clearing house for information and skill building
  • roster participation and work assignments
  • a coordinated approach and national accessibility to ADR services
  • one voice to affect change in communicating with governments at all levels

Membership in ADRIM includes membership in the national organization:  ADR Institute of Canada, Inc. which offers further benefits to members and administers "ADR Connect".

To apply for membership with ADR Institute of Manitoba, click here.

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