About Us

The ADR Institute of Manitoba (ADRIM) is a non-profit affiliate of the ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC). ADRIC is a national, non-profit organization that provides leadership in the development and promotion of dispute resolution services in Canada. Once you are a Full member of ADRIM, you  automatically become a member of ADRIC.

National membership includes over 2,000 individuals and many business and community organizations. We bring together arbitrators, mediators and other ADR professionals and major corporations and law firms who work together to promote the creative resolution of conflicts and disputes. This broad membership base brings diverse skills and experience to the Institute. We have a history of excellence in meeting the needs of both ADR practitioners and users of ADR services.

Importantly, the ADR Institute offers "ADR Connect," Canada's largest database of ADR Professionals, available on all ADR Institute websites, which the public uses to find mediators and arbitrators.

We offer:

  • a broad range of tools and services for ADR practitioners
  • national accreditation for mediators and arbitrators
  • unified standards of practice including a Code of Ethics and a Code of Conduct for Mediators
  • ADR Connect, the ADR Institute‚Äôs membership database which allows clients to find you
  • a personal "Member Portal" for ADR Connect for every member
  • learning and networking opportunities
  • Canada-wide exchange of knowledge and experience
  • a national clearing house for information and skill building
  • roster participation and work assignments
  • a coordinated approach and national accessibility to ADR services
  • one voice to affect change in communicating with governments at all levels

To apply for membership with ADR Institute of Manitoba, click here.

Please also visit our national website www.adric.ca to find out more about ADR Institute of Canada.

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