Becoming a Member

Full membership in ADRIM includes membership in the national organization, ADR Institute of Canada, Inc.

ADRIM has three membership categories: Full Member, Associate Member and Student Member.

Full Member:

A Full Member is entitled to all the rights, privileges and services of ADRIM including the right to hold office and to vote.

Associate Member:

An Associate Member is a person supporting the goals and objectives of the Institute and interested in arbitration, mediation, or alternate dispute resolution.  These persons are resident in Manitoba but are not active in the field nor possess the requisite degree of training and/or experience in ADR.  Persons in this category are encouraged to continue their education and progress to the Full Member level.

Student Member:

A Student Member is a person who is involved full-time in a course of study as documented by the institution attended by the student. This includes those who are enrolled at a post-secondary institution as well as articling students and students-at-law.

A Student Member is entitled to all rights, privileges and services of ADRIM except the right to hold office or the right to vote.

How to Apply for Membership

Step 1:

Complete the membership application form: click here.  Note: If you are already in our database or on our mailing list, you may click "Sign in" in the top right corner, enter your Username (e-mail address), and click "Forgot my password" to create a password.  If you are not yet in our database, you may click "Create a new account".  Click on the "Membership" tab to access the application form.

Step 2:

Your application will be reviewed once payment is received and you will be informed of your membership status as soon as possible.

Please Note: The information in your application will be used to assess your qualifications for membership, and if accepted, your contact information will become part of the ADR Institute's membership database, "ADR Connect" (located on our Home Page). This is a benefit of membership for Full Members.

Members will be issued a "Member Portal" where you will be able to access your profile and keep it up to date, and access various member resources. 

Your e-mail address will be used  to send  information regarding  roster opportunities, job opportunities, professional development opportunities, conference notices, newsletters, etc.  If you do not wish to receive information by e-mail from the Institute, please inform us.


Annual Membership Fees

Full Member:
$190 (no GST)  (2017 fee)

NOTE: The Full Member rate includes the national portion of $89 collected by ADRIM as an agent of the ADR Institute of Canada.

NOTE: If you are already a Full member of ADR Institute of Canada via a regional affiliate other than ADR Manitoba, and you wish to have membership in both affiliates, you may apply to ADRIM as a "Multi-Region Full Member" where you would be exempt from paying the national portion of the membership dues again.  Please contact the office for more information.

Associate Member: $100 (no GST)

Student Member:
$50 (no GST)

The membership year is January 1st to December 31st.

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